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Can My Armpit Hair Be Used For A Hair Drug Test?

drug-test-on-hairWhether you’re looking to gain employment somewhere or you are under probation due to a drug-related offense, a drug test is something rather unavoidable that you will have to endure. A vast majority of the time, drug test administrators will give such tests as ones that involve saliva and/or synthetic urine, but one of the types of drug tests that isn’t discussed very much is the hair drug test. This kind of test is conducted exactly as you may think – the test administrator takes a hair sample from you and submits it to be tested for the presence of any kind of illegal drugs. You likely know how the drill works as well – if the test comes back negative, you’re in the clear. However, if it comes back positive, then you’re in a world of trouble.

Oftentimes for a hair drug test, the test administrator will take a hair sample from your head. However, most people will generally try to pass this by simply shaving their head. This is something that test administrators have been highly trained to watch out for, meaning that shaving your head right before the test is really not a good idea, because all they will do is look elsewhere on your body for the sample that they need. This is with the exception of looking on the more personal and private areas of your body. If need be, the test administrator will obtain a hair sample from an area such as your arm or leg, but there’s one question that people have been constantly asking in terms of this kind of test. That question is “Can My Armpit Hair Be Used For A Hair Drug Test?

Armpit Hair*The short and simple answer to this question is yes, it absolutely CAN be. If you shave your head or other areas of your body (arms, legs, etc.) prior to taking a hair drug test, a test administrator is well within their rights to obtain a hair sample from your armpit. This is something that you will not legally be able to refuse.

*Despite rumors to the contrary, hair drug tests conducted using a specimen from the armpit are extremely accurate. The same thing applies to hair from any other area of the body.

*If you take any kind of illegal drugs, it’s important to note that the after-effects can remain in the hair of your armpits anywhere from one to four months.

*When you go in for your hair drug test, if the administrator feels that the hair on your head appears to be too short to obtain a sample, they may choose to instead take a sample from your armpit. The only exception would be if the test administrator finds a suitable sample from elsewhere on your body.

All in all, when you look at all possible angles, a hair drug test is something that simply cannot be avoided. Perhaps the best way to ensure that you pass it is to stop doing drugs immediately if you are already doing them.


How to pass a drug test when you smoke marijuana

There are a few measures to take, some are simple and some are a bit, more difficult. Well, first thing’s first. Don’t give away yourself with obvious symptoms such are caughing, symptoms of chronic bronhitis and frequent catchig colds, your tester surely knows about them. And also take care of your personal look: clothing, hygine and your own appearance, I am not saying that you aren’t already doing that.

This won’t help you with the actual test, but will at least soften or mislead your tester a bit. What is more important is to think rational, you might have taken a few joints last night, but that doesn’t stop people to go to work or on college in the morning, does it? As a user you surely know the lenght of time in which drug traces remain in your blood and urine. If we put aside period of three years in which traces are present in your hair root, period for organism is a lot shorter.

Depending on your metabolism, the THC remains in your organism from 3 to 30 days, sometimes even to 45 days. So if you are tested for marijuana, your test will be focused on searching for THC. This ingridient also leaves traces in your brain, liver, fat tissue and kidneys. By using home-based urine test, acute use can be detected 2 to 3 days back while chronic can be traced 3 to 6 days back. If you expect to be tested on marijuana and are not sure if enough time elpased for traces to disappear from your metabolism, there are a few things you could do. Drink a lot. Drink teas, water, juices, alchohol might be a bad idea, take a lot of liquids, as much as you can but sugar-free. This is useful for removing traces from your urine where they remain longer than in blood.

Next, sweat a of Go jogging, running, practicing sports, doing exercises… but keep in mind to take care not to overload if you are a long-time drug user. So the more you sweat the more you will evict that from you. If your test is sooner you could do a few things to cheat. You could ‘borrow’ someones test sample if you think you could exchange it with yours or you could turn to medicine. If you do a small research you could find legal drugs in a pharmacy that contain THC and use it as a decoy, or you could buy active coal pills there and drink a few with water. Hope this was helpful.


Escape pods for drug testing.

Drug testing is the analysis of biological materials in humans like urine, sweat to determine if there is the presence of specific drugs. There are some some tips to ensure that one passes this drug testing. Proper body hydration, urinal tests are easy passed through this flushing method since it purifies the urine. The concentrated urine which has the traces of drug substances will be washes away thus cleaning any trace. Just and hour or two period the test make sure you hydrate yourself fully by taking a lot of water filling the bladder.

This will result to frequently urinating removing drug substances. Tampering is also one way to evade, one can use clean synthetic urine to replace theirs by finding a clean donor or adding adulterants which are 100% sure of altering the urine results also one can dilute the urine using warm water is another escape pod. Another drug testing tip is use of blood test. Blood tests can show you are clean even after some hours of using the drugs.

This will depend on the type of drug in question. Whenever you are going for a drug test state blood test as the preferred method since you will walk away free. Saliva test can also be a superb alternative if you fear needle injection for blood sample. Legal rights is also another tip. Before you sign any contract by employers make sure you have read it clearly checking any place where the employer states to have legal rights over your drug testing.

By doing this you will be avoiding any inconveniences that may come about fro the employer stating to be following legal procedures signed by you Employers have no right at all to request for pre-employment drug tests , by knowing this one is supposed to be cautious not to be trapped by some of the employers. Some drug screens have been found to alter results although the results may differ from people to people in some instances they work.

Also preparing yourself in advance is a tactic, if there is time you can avoid using the drug until the test has been conducted and done with it Since hair test give effectively information try to shave your hair and other body parts to avoid hair tests. Therefore if you do not have any hair to submit you will have to alternatively use another test method, the other methods can be easily manipulated if careful procedures are followed keenly as stated above.